The Life of the Wife: It Ain’t Always Easy!

Terry and I have served as missionaries since 1985.  It seems like yesterday, yet it has been ages ago!  When we first went to the Philippines, I served alongside him and cared for our children.  For the last 22 years, he has traveled and I have stayed home.  Inevitably, when Terry is gone, that’s when trouble happens!

This afternoon, I had great plans. After getting my housework done and working on my Bible study, I would spend time outside planting flowers, BBQing dinner and watch our “super moon ” rise with Mollie and Maisie, our two dogs and my constant companions.

Well, planting flowers took a while as I had to wet down and enrich the soil neglected by our hot summers. However, it got done. I was doing a final watering and rinsing of the porches when I felt something on my left ankle. Maisie was next to me, so I dismissed it as she was sniffing at my feet. I felt the tickle again and thought, hmmm…a dead leaf–then I did a double take, started leaping, dancing and shouting–YIKES! A giant yellow scorpion!!! (3 inches)

Granted, I know that the smaller ones are much worse than the larger ones, but it just isn’t my style to wear a scorpion anklet.

I was too chicken to step on him. I did think, ” Why, oh why do these things happen when Terry is away?”    I did the best I could and picked up a heavy ceramic pot and used it to grind the scorpion into oblivion!  (I hope).

If anyone would like to come and lift the pot to see if there are any remains, you are welcome to do so. I would even share my steak. I think I will pass on the “Super Moon” tonight just in case that yellow scorpion’s cousins are around.

I wonder if when I get to heaven, there will be rewards for missionary wives who have survived, fires, coups, rats , etc… while their husband was away.   I can now add scorpion anklet to the list!