700 gather in Phoenix for IWMC 2016

Thank you for praying. Our conference this year featured five training events, 112 workshops, five plenary speakers, and a post conference.

Here are a few comments left by participants:

  • I have been to many conferences and this one was life changing for me. The Holy Spirit spoke through the presenters to my specific heart cry. I came away with many new tools…
  • I have never made so many connections and had so many divine appointments ever at a conference!
  • IWMC presented a deeper vision of our faith walk and mission.
  • This conference attracts the best of the best from around the world who are doing what missions needs to look like in our world today.
  • This was one of the most amazing collection of practitioners assembled!
  • It was a wonderful conference and very good for anyone in any ministry. Highly recommended!
  • Very positive. Mature ministry perspectives and people. Not a lot of hype.
  • It was invaluable teaching and exchanging of ideas.
  • It is equally as inspiring as the Global Leadership Summit.

Plan now to join us next year, May 8-12, at Grand Canyon University.

Off to the Middle East

Please pray for wisdom and a moving of God’s Spirit. On Monday, May 30, Terry is heading to the Middle East to meet with ministry leaders from 10 Arab nations about the Million Village Challenge. My assignment is to take four hours to “set the table” and lay out the key principles of transformational development. Click here for more information about the Million Village Challenge.

Reaching European cities for Christ

Terry was privileged to gather with leaders from eleven European nations as they prayed and planned to impact their cities using urban development strategies.  The conference was hosted by RESCOF, the French CHE Network, in Paris. Committees were formed to follow through with plans for integrated urban development in specific regions all throughout Europe.

Growing global impact

We have been seeking to map the CHE movement on our network website. Nearly 600 members have registered, and the map shows ministries in 1,999 communities in 119 nations. Click here for a clearer picture of what God is doing.

Pray with us!

  • Pray for courage and safety for Terry and those he travels with in creative access areas.
  • Pray for champions among Arab nations who will take up the Million Village Challenge.
  • Pray that the Gospel will go forth in power, that people will come to faith in Christ, and communities will be transformed.
  • Pray for participants of IWMC that their ministries will be strengthened.
  • Pray that God will supply the needed personal support and travel funds to complete the work that He has called us to do.
  • Pray for the European committees as they continue to plan and pray for open doors to impact the cities of Europe through integrated urban development.

Praise with us!

  • Praise God for almost 700 participants at IWMC 2016
  • Praise God for leaders in Burkina Faso and Nigeria as they follow up and train those who adopted more than 2,000 villages for CHE ministry there.
  • Praise God for open doors to mobilize for the Kingdom among unreached peoples.
  • Praise God for new partners who have pledged to our support in the last month.
  • Take a look at our heat map and see what God is doing globally by a short visit to our website.
  • Get day to day reports about work around the world by following the Global CHE Network on Facebook.
  • Follow us personally be friending Terry on Facebook.

June 2016 Prayer Letter