Terry speaks at the United Nations

Terry was a guest speaker at UNITAR’s Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy last month at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva. He presented a Million Village Vision to dignitaries from 26 different countries. Lawmakers and political leaders applauded the idea of catalyzing transformational movements among the rural poor that sweep the countryside rather than doing projects that impact a single village. Pray now as we follow up invitations to initiate work in multiple countries.

8,000 come to Christ in Haiti

Lowell and Robin Adams launched Community Health Evangelism (CHE) work in Haiti in 2010. Today they have work in 42 villages. More than 1500 people have come to Christ and are receiving ongoing discipleship training.

Kevin Jone’s began CHE work in Haiti with DecAid in 2012. His goal was to establish CHE work in 10 villages within a decade – thus the name of his organization. Today he has work in 45 villages. Since October of 2012, 6500 people have made confessions of faith. On the physical side of things communities focused on building latrines and solar disinfection of drinking water (SODIS). More than 2,000 families are using SODIS to sanitize their drinking water, and in some villages every home has a latrine. Overall health in these villages has improved.

More than 500 attend IWMC 2017

CHE workers and network representatives from all over the world gathered with others who share a passion for word and deed ministries that bring people to faith in Christ and reflect the values of the Kingdom in the communities we serve. We connected, shared, prayed and collaborated, gathered resources, formed new partnerships, renewed our passion, and returned to our work strengthened for the tasks God has called us to do. The International Wholistic Missions Conference was held this year at Grand Canyon University, May 1-5, and featured more than 100 workshops in 21 tracks and seven keynote speakers. Stay tuned for next years venue and dates.

Thank you for standing with us!

Your giving and prayer are the fuel of our ministry. Your friendship and partnership provide the encouragement and strength we need to persevere. Thank you for standing with us in this global effort to bring Christ’s love and salvation to the least and the lost.

June 2017 Prayer Letter