Prayer Letter, November 2021

A Letter of Joy & Gratitude
from Terry and Jeannie Dalrymple

I can’t believe a month has passed and what special memories still linger…

It started in July, when my daughter, Karen, called and asked what we were going to do for our wedding anniversary.  After all, it was our fortieth anniversary coming up on July 11th. After joking over the number “40” and all it represents in the Bible, I told Karen that we were going to take a break and enjoy a couple days in the White Mountains of Arizona.

A few days later, she called back and said,  “Mom, I talked to Tim and Michelle and we want to do something special for you and dad for your Anniversary.  We have rented a cabin and want to gather together to celebrate with you in October. Would this be OK?”

Would it be OK?  It was the best gift ever!

Each family member made sacrifices to be there–traveling long distances and many hours, planning and preparing meals, kids choosing to smile–even with upset tummies…we feel so blessed and honored.  So grateful.

Here are a few updates on the families…





How happy we were to have Cody and Michelle come from San Diego.  The cabin we stayed at was not far from our home, so we got to show them the “sights of Payson”!  Cody was a “super Uncle”–went canoeing, played baseball and had nerf gun wars with the kids!  He also stayed up until 1 am making Cinnamon Rolls for the family…the best I have ever had! Actually, Michelle and Cody should start a bakery as Michelle’s cupcakes were outstanding!  Michelle and I challenged her grandma in board games and we both think her grandma wears long sleeves for other reasons than being cold!!!






Karen and Joe live in Phoenix with their 3 year old son Ian. Karen is able to stay at home with Ian and Joe puts in many hours at his home office. Ian was so excited to get to see his cousins–I love to see them smile!  I am very thankful for all of the time Karen put into organizing our family reunion and making it a special time for everyone!










Tim and Vanessa came from Chicago with their children, Jack, Finn and Esther.  Seeing their amazing spirits with the long day of travel  made me think of deputation days with Tim, Karen and Michelle in tow! Esther was feeling a bit sick from the travels, but still melted her Grandpa’s heart.  Jack and Finn were ready to try and play anything!  Legos, canoeing, beating their Grams and Grandpa in a game, roasting marshmallows, hiking…they were ready for fun, and fun we had!





Some exciting news from Tim and Vanessa–they have been serving as worship leaders at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago  for the past year.  Tim has also continued to work on his Master’s in Divinity from Western Seminary and will complete it, Lord willing, this spring.  Tim told us recently that he has been asked to be the Worship Pastor, coordinating worship teams for all six Harvest Bible Chapel campuses as well as overseeing the Vertical Worship Band.  I praise God for placing these responsibilities in Tim’s hands.  May God use him greatly for His Kingdom.

Vanessa, too, is very active in ministry.  She is homeschooling Jack and Finn as well as serving  with the Vertical Worship Band and writing very meaningful worship songs.

Prayer Letter, December 2021

Christmas Greetings from Around the World…

What a blessing it has been to open my email and receive greetings from around the world–Nicaragua, Albania, Nigeria, the Philippines and many others.  These are countries, communities and lives which are being touched by the Good News that Jesus has come to transform lives and change communities.  He has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly!  Take a look at some of the photos which I received below and read some of the stories.

Caleb and Eunice Urbina serve communities in Nicaragua.  I could not help but start with a picture they sent of a baby opening a Christmas gift! Would you pray for this young family as they serve communities in Nicaragua?

Caleb will be sharing during our online prayer meeting on March 3rd, 8am Arizona time!  Let me know if you would like to join us during this prayer time!


May God richly bless the CHE Albania Team and Agron Aga, pictured far left, who lead this team.  They have served faithfully and are making inroads to new areas with CHE including Macedonia and the Ukraine.  Please pray for this team!


Prayers are appreciated for our Representative Council Chairman, Dayo Obaweyo, and his wife Tope, as they serve in Nigeria.  Pray for the upcoming internship which will take place in February.

Dayo writes:
Our Watchword in 2022

“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and, in His grace, gave us eternal courage and a good Hope, fill your hearts with courage and make you strong to Do and Say all that is Good”- II Thessalonians  2: 6-7Some words in the verses are propelling us as we enter the New year. We hope it does for you as well. These include:

“God loves us”- You and me. A needed reminder that nothing can separate us from His Love. He extended it to us. No power can stop Him from delivering it.
We have eternal courage”- Lasting courage that comes from him to move ahead in the new year.

“A GOOD HOPE”. Halleluiah! We are holding on to this assurance. We will expect it daily and pursue our goal for the year 2022 because we have a good hope.

“FILL”. No room left for distraction. We are totally sold to Him. Our time, life, ways, thoughts, etc. occupied for every good work.

“Make you STRONG”. Strength is the tool needed in our weaknesses. We will overcome! The three Hebrews men (Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego) had inner strength to respond to threats, conspiracies and disgrace and were provided for by God when it was needed. That led to fruitful evangelism.


Finally, please pray for our friends in the Philippines.  We heard from Rhodora Mendoza, the CHE Coordinator in the Philippines that a powerful typhoon which cut off all communication systems, all basic utilities are down and even their water system. She was somehow able to email me via her phone.  Pray for communities as they rebuild.

Prayer Letter, September 2021

On the Road Again!

As I write, Terry and I, along with colleagues Dr. Jody Collinge and Miche’ Darnell, have joined together to facilitate a CHE training.   This is the first time, in a very long time that we have been able to travel.

Our dear friend, Lana Jones, asked our team to come and serve at the training center which her late husband, Hal, had envisioned.  It was his desire that many be trained here for work around the world.  The center is located in Volcano, Hawaii.  It has been cold and rainy, but we are surrounded by a lush rain forest!


Here are some ways you can pray for the Global CHE Network:

  • Pray for the training we are facilitating these next two weeks, specifically for those who participate that they would catch the vision of reaching communities for Christ in word and deed.
  • Pray for Lana Jones who is hosting this training.  You may remember her name—her husband, Hal, passed away suddenly last October. This will be Lana’s first CHE training she has hosted since Hal met Jesus face to face.  Pray God’s blessings on Lana as she continues to serve and use the training center that Hal had envisioned for the training of missionaries in Community Health Evangelism
  • Pray for our teams around the world who are facing various types of resistance at this time
  • Pray for Nigeria--our dear friend and brother, Dayo Obaweya, recently reported the persecution of Christians has intensified in Nigeria.  A CHE trainer was kidnapped by Boko Haram yet escaped. Dayo said that when he leaves his house, he knows he may not come home again.  Dayo is a target as he is a chief and a CHE coordinator.  Pray that the love of Christ would conquer the hearts of Boko Haram.  Pray for God’s great hand of protection to be upon these believers.
  • Pray for Haiti—as I hear the stories of the recent devastating earthquake, I am amazed that it is difficult to bring aid due to gangs who are terrorizing the area.  It should not be surprising as the president was assassinated in July. This was barely mentioned in the news.  Prior to that, Terry and I were made aware of a heartbreaking story involving one of our members. He and his wife were delivering prosthetics to the disabled in a rural community. As they were driving down the road, they were held up at gunpoint by men on motorcycles. The missionary tried to speed away but was shot and paralyzed, his wife having to take over the steering wheel as they fled.  Pray for this couple as they have now returned to the States and are looking at a major life change.  Pray for the people of Haiti who not only live in the devastation of the earthquake, but in this type of lawlessness.
  • Pray for Afghanistan-– I am sure you already are.  The most vulnerable groups in the country are women and Christians.  A while back, I wrote to you about a young girl who walked hours to go to school and then hurried back home to help her grandparents with their cows.  That picture of those school girls haunts my mind and calls me to prayer.  Pray for their protection.

Prayer Letter, October 2021

New Beginning at the International Wholistic Missions Conference:

Last year the Representative Council of the Global CHE Network had to postpone our annual missions gathering (IWMC) due to the global shutdown.  During the Spring of 2021, the Representative Council expressed the desire to resume the International Wholistic Missions Conference,  but the question was how and when?  Would travel be open once again and for how long?







Terry thought long and hard about the situation.  As the coordinator of the network, he wanted to encourage members, especially CHE trainers, who have been working throughout this past year to serve their communities during a difficult time.

Members of the service team met to think through options.  The dining room table was stacked high with sticky notes and what emerged was the IWMC Phoenix 2021 which took place in September, followed by the first Global CHE Network Regional Roundtables!

IWMC Phoenix 2021 was a one day conference:
We were blessed to have our son, Tim and his colleague on Vertical Worship, Tom Madison, come to lead worship. The day was filled with learning, connecting and a challenge to become a part of the the Million Village Vision.  The presentations were recorded for use at the online Global Conference which would follow three weeks later.

The Global Roundtables took place over three days:
Days 1 and 2 were Regional Gatherings with eight roundtables in total. There were 418 people who gathered from 63 countries, speaking 16 languages!  They discussed pertinent topics to their unique areas of ministry and connections were made with other CHE stakeholders.

On day 3, a Global Summit was held where all the regions were encouraged to gather and shared praise reports and prayer requests for their areas of ministry.

Here is some of the feedback from members of the network…

  • Thembo Charles, Uganda: I am back from the Global summit which was awesome and really encouraged me hearing from other brethren from different places of the globe.
  • Caleb Urbina, Nicaragua:  CHE is bigger than I imagined.  Glory to God who is transforming lives and entire communities through this strategy!

Terry and I are grateful for your faithful support to our ministry which in turn touches lives around the world!

Finally, on a solemn note, please focus your prayers on our Nigerian team:







On the day of the Global Summit, we learned that a Master CHE Trainer, Solomon, went home to be with the Lord.  He served His Lord faithfully. We learned that a terrorist group attempted to kidnap his daughter who was to be married in December. He protected his daughter and they shot and killed Solomon.

  • Pray for the family of Solomon as they grieve this terrible loss.
  • Pray for the CHEs and leadership in Nigeria as they also feel great pain in the loss of their colleague.
  • Pray for God’s Spirit to sweep over the nation and change the hearts of the rebels.

Prayer Letter, February 2022

New website..

Terry and I thank YOU for your prayer support as we worked behind the scenes throughout the pandemic to get a new website up for the Global CHE membership which is more user friendly and even I, with limited “techy” skills, administrate the site!

Shortly before the pandemic, the Global CHE Network’s IT person retired. He had designed the former website which was fantastic, yet when he left, there was a huge void!  We knew we had to get something which members could access and that Service Team members with limited IT knowledge, could still be able to make edits and updates on the site.  It took a lot of work and prayer, but after nine months, we have been able to introduce the new site to our members.  You, too, can check it out at








New Service Team Member:

In December, Terry and I looked at each other and agreed–the workload was getting too heavy!  We needed to be more active searching for someone to help in the Global CHE Network office. The next day, literally, we received an email from Jenna Schmid asking if the network had any openings!

Jenna Schmid comes to the Global CHE Network with a love for Jesus and a heart for serving the disabled.  She graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with the desire to use her training in missions.  She met her husband, Guido, in Haiti when they served together on a Joni & Friends short-term trip. Jenna and Guido have led teams for Joni & Friends in both Poland and Ghana. Jenna worked as a Physical Therapist for a number of years in a clinical setting, most recently at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.  God has now made a way for Jenna to serve full time in missions—we are blessed to have her on the Service Team. Her focus will be on member services which is extremely important during this transition to a new website and will be developing curriculum focused on the disabled in rural poor areas of the world. Welcome Jenna!

Final Thoughts…

I am sure you are praying for the country of Ukraine at this time, as Terry and I are.  There was CHE work getting started in that area which has now come to a halt as people evacuate.  Partners are going to neighboring countries to assess the best way to help refugees who are fleeing. Please pray for these partners and for Agron Aga, who oversees work in the Balkans, that they would have wisdom in how to serve Ukrainians who have left behind all and have an uncertain future.

For more a greater understanding of what CHE is all about, I recently completed the pamphlet below.  Terry has been serving the Lord through Community Health Evangelism for 25 years this year and you have been behind us! THANK YOU.  You have trusted us, but sometimes wonder what are we doing! I hope brochure helps bring clarity and is a blessing to you!

Digital-CHE-Brochure-final.pdf (

Prayer Letter July 2022


As of May 1, we were able to move into our new Global CHE Network office and training center!  We are grateful for the many hours in which volunteers came and transformed these storage rooms into a beautiful place to serve!








New Grads…

June 26-30, we were able to host our first TOT (Training of Trainers) at the CHE Training Center! There were 12 graduates ages 20 to 85!

Five students attended the training–praise God as we see these young people seek God’s direction and involvement in missions!
Three are already committed to internships in Guatemala and Ghana.


Mission leaders from Frontiers and Kingdom Workers also were a part of this training.  We are grateful for their partnership in the network!

Dr. Jason Paltzer, at the right of the photo, assisted Terry in the training. He is also working with the five students pictured above…he is their professor at Baylor University and serves with Kingdom Workers!

Faithful prayer partners from supporting churches were part of the training as well!  They expressed how much more they will be able to connect with GCN and pray! Connie Gill, pictured at right, is a retired missionary.  She plans to take what she learned to the poor who live on islands off the coast of Brazil!  She still has a deep love for the people she served for forty-three years!

Not pictured is a very special pastor from a restricted access nation.  Pray that he might find a way to get back home to serve his people through Community Health Evangelism.


New Opportunities…

You are never too young or too old to serve the Lord. At right is Elise, age 20, currently serving in the internship in Guatemala. Standing beside her is Terry’s mom, Anita, who will be 86 years old on Sunday.  Mom was hesitant to join this training thinking she would not be able to keep up.  She ended up being an inspiration to all AND quite a hit in the role plays, especially the one in which she declared, “I think my son has worms!”


And here are a few opportunities for you to consider...
  • Join us for the next CHE training in Payson, Arizona.
  • Be ready to learn of the Million Village Challenge–developed to engage churches, missions committees and individuals to take the pledge to pray and support the goal of reaching a million villages by 2033.  More information to come!
  • Join the Global CHE Network Prayer Team where you will receive weekly prayer requests. Just email me at [email protected].

Finally, we are blessed to work with a small group of people, the “Service Team”, which serve the Global CHE Network behind the scenes in a supportive role. Jenna Schmid came on the team in February and has been actively communicating with members around the world. (By the way, both she and her husband, Guido, were part of the graduating class in June!) Just today, Jenna and I were discussing the increased activity among the membership, asking for connections and materials in various languages…the two of us are having a hard time keeping up–praise God! Terry is currently at a conference where a woman from India came up to him and told him of 800 communities which are being served through CHE.  This was unknown to us and a great surprise!  So again, I close as I opened…YOUR role in prayer support for our Service Team and for ministry worldwide is so important.

Prayer Letter and Birthday, July 2022

Leaving a career to serve the Lord…

In the 1980’s, Stan and his family moved to Uganda to work with Campus Crusade. This was a major life change for the family as his educational background was in Business and Hospital Administration which culminated at Harvard Business School and UCLA. His first 15 career years were immersed in the marketing and management in industry for a large corporation. He eventually established a hospital management company involving 55 rural hospitals in 17 western states.

While in Uganda, he piloted the first CHE programs seeking to break cycles of poverty and disease by bringing education into homes along with the good news of Jesus.

In the 1990s, Medical Ambassadors asked Stan to come on board and help them rethink how they were doing missions.  Medical Ambassadors was founded with the idea of sending medical personnel to rural, poor communities to host free clinics.  Their experience led them to the conclusion that their clinics were “recycling centers”.  People would come, receive medical care, go back to their homes and the same environment and come back to the clinic a few months later with the same sickness.  Stan’s approach, through Community Health Evangelism, seemed as if it would address the issues in the home itself–and it did!

While Stan may like to catch fish, he has also been a fisher of men! The Global CHE Network is now serving over 4,000 communities in 136 countries. Growth has taken place through multiplication--discipleship! To God be ALL the glory!
While Stan may like to catch fish, he has also been a fisher of men! The Global CHE Network is now serving over 4,000 communities in 136 countries. Growth has taken place through multiplication–discipleship! To God be ALL the glory!

The best “boss” ever…

When Terry and I came home from the Philippines in 1996, God had put on our hearts the need to reach people wholistically. We served as Church Planters for ten years and came back with questions of how-to best care for people who were living in poverty–both physical and spiritual poverty.  Those ten years were vital in preparing our hearts for what God had for us.

While speaking at Trinity Baptist Church in Mesa, a man by the name of Don Orvis came up to Terry and said, “I think I know an organization who needs you!”  Medical Ambassadors was looking for someone to oversee their work in the Philippines.  They contacted Terry and sent him an overview of CHE. Terry saw that CHE was what we had been looking for…a way to lift the poor out of the poverty, giving them dignity and bringing them to Jesus.

Stan trained and mentored Terry and the work thrived under Stan’s leadership. Work that started in the Philippines multiplied throughout Southeast Asia.  Stan did the same thing for potential leaders in other parts of the world. The result was a global movement. Stan did not control, but allowed those he trained the freedom to grow, try new ideas and lead. 

Having an open hand has been a characteristic of Stan’s life.  All CHE materials are open source–not copyrighted, by Stan’s design.  He wanted the materials to be used in the Kingdom of God.  

Terry has what Filipinos would say is “utang na loob” or a debt of gratitude for Stan’s involvement in his life–as do so many around the world.  Happy Birthday Stan! We pray God’s richest blessings on your life in the coming year!

Items for Prayer and Praise:

  • We praise God as we see a team of CHE coordinators working together continuing to build on the foundation Stan laid there in the 1980s! Geoffrey Adroa, Samuel Ariho Daltan and Sammy Imbaya came together to hold a Vision Seminar in Mityana, Uganda.  Geoffrey writes that the seminar was “well received and a TOT 1 is now planned for September 5-9.  We envision to establish district CHE hubs in the whole of Uganda. Our current challenge is facilitators mobility for follow up missions, coaching and mentoring processes to ensure adherence to CHE principles and strategies. Praising God that he will provide for His service.”
  • Would you pray that God will provide all the resources needed for the Uganda team in this continued work? Praise God for their vision!
  • Pray for the country of Sri Lanka as they are going through political turmoil, upheaval and lack of essential resources.  Pray for GCN member, Richard Holt, as he seeks to connect with CHEs on the ground–that they will be able to develop a plan to help in this time of need.
  • Terry just returned from a gathering of global leaders who are seeking to work together toward a “Billion Soul Harvest”.  Pray for Terry as he follows up with potential new partnerships for expansion of the CHE movement.

April 2022 Prayer Letter

35 Years and Counting!

35 years ago, on April 15th, Terry and I packed up our belongings in a small crate, tucked one toddler and a baby under our arms and headed to the Philippines!   The picture to the left was our FIRST prayer letter when we started language school in the Philippines!  Terry and I had no idea where God would take us over the course of 35 years, but we are grateful He has guided us through each step.  At times, those steps seemed way too difficult to take– more like a leap, BUT God is faithful! Thank YOU for faithfulness in prayer and your friendship along the way!

We have moved many times in the last 35 years. There was a time in our life, when I would get the “itch to move” when two years had passed!  Well, it’s been two years and we will now be moving our GCN office across the parking lot!

Letting Go of the Past…

A little over two years ago, we moved to Payson and set up a small office The first time I saw it, I questioned Terry’s choice!  It was dirty, painted mint green and lavender and run down.  Yes…the entire bathroom was lavender…





Terry worked hard in painting the place neutral colors and it became a comfortable workplace. During this time, we have worked together with grateful hearts.  However, when people would come into the office and there would be no place to sit!

Looking to the future…

n the same complex, just across the parking lot, there was an office space for rent with more than three times the square footage of our little office.  Last year, we took a look at it and I immediately declined!  There were holes in the carpet and plastic decals on the bathroom walls, although, the walls were not lavender and mint green!  It was dirty and being used as the landlord’s storage area.

It remained empty for a year.

We would pass it each time we drove to our little office.  At the first of this year, Terry suggested we take a look once more.  He got opinions from people in local leadership. They said it was an amazing opportunity. I reluctantly agreed,

This week, as the walls were being painted, I was able to look beyond the externals, seeing the potential! God has provided a real blessing for the Global CHE Network!

The new site has an office for Terry and I AND a large space which can be used for training, something which will be a great asset!  We can easily have volunteers come and help and have a place to sit!

We would love to have you come up for a visit!

Here is how you can pray:
  1. Terry and I are filled with gratitude for YOU!  We are humbled to have friends who have faithfully prayed for us and our family for over 35 years.  Thank you!
  2. Praise God with me that after the two years in Payson, I truly am feeling better–no cough, no wheezing, no allergies and in the middle of allergy season! I truly believe God was moving me out of the hospital to work full time beside Terry.
  3. Praise God for the provision of this new office facility.  We pray it will be a blessing to our community in Payson and that people will be reached for Jesus around the world because of the work which takes place within its walls!
  4. We are grateful to God for bringing on a curriculum editor to work with Dr. Jody Collinge!  This has been a great need!
  5. Pray for the workday on Saturday, sprucing up the new office! We do not have the physical stamina we had 35 years ago, but we are plugging along!  We would love for you to come and help too! Just come to 200 West Frontier Street on Saturday, 8am-5pm.
  6. Our first training at our new office will take place on June 27-June 30.  Please consider coming for training!  You can find details at or contact [email protected].

May/June 2022 Prayer Letter

What Would You Do to Reach the Unreached?

I’ve been receiving reports from various CHE leaders around the world and have thought about the sacrifices made to bring transformation in the lives of the poor in a million villages.  Here are a few of the stories which have come across my desk:

Have you ever considered going to school, not for your own profit, but for another’s profit?  Maybe you might be able to say that your degree is of benefit to your employer, but I was astonished at a recent letter from a CHE coordinator who informed Terry and I that he recently received his Doctorate in Human Development.  He wrote, “This degree will help me reach the closed areas as a human consultant.  God is so good to me.”  This man will continue to bring God’s word, but he knew that having these credentials would give him better access in a difficult area.  He did his studies while coordinating CHE programs in closed areas.













Another CHE Coordinator has served faithfully for years.  In a recent meeting with Terry, she shared that her teams have been working in 12 provinces in her country which have been hit economically because of the pandemic.  There are communities within these provinces where Christians are vulnerable to falling away from their faith and converting to Islam because of the gravity of this situation.  These Christians, as minorities, do not have the same access to resources available to the Muslim community.  This CHE trainer, a small woman in her seventies, is focused on changing this situation.  Pray for this trainer and her teams as they enter these communities, teaching people to fix their eyes on Jesus and survey what they can do with the resources which are in their own hands.















Our brother, Lovemore Zulu, was taken home to be with Lord in 2018. Lovemore was sold out to bring the gospel to the poor in Zambia. The work which was being done around the country came to the attention of the President of Zambia.  He was actually offered a position on the President’s cabinet but refused.  It would be a secure source of income and a quite prestigious, but he said, “I would not be able to teach the people about Jesus”.  Lovemore began to have serious stomach pain and tremendous weight loss. He was seen by several doctors, but eventually he succumbed to this illness.  I recall his wife, Mavis, saying she believes he was being poisoned.  In our Western minds, this seems incredulous, yet this is a reality in some of the places where Community Health Evangelists work.


Prayer Requests:
  • Please pray for the CHE Coordinator who recently received his doctorate
    • Pray that God would heal his heart as he grieves over the loss of his father
    • Pray that the people group he is seeking to reach would have its first convert
    • Pray for God’s provision for him and his family
  • Please pray for the “small CHE Coordinator” 
    • Pray that she would have physical strength and wisdom as she goes into these communities with her training teams.
    • Pray that people in these vulnerable communities will be strengthened in their faith.
    • Pray that God would provide in miraculous ways in which only HE would get the glory and surrounding Muslim communities will take note of the One True God.
  • Pray for Mavis, the widow of Lovemore. Pray for God’s continued care over her.
  • Pray for our CHEs worldwide as they often go into difficult places to bring the good news to the poor.

Working for the King and for the Advancement of ONE Kingdom!

Emmanuel and Udeme sat together under the mango tree, discussing the logistics of the upcoming training. They are leaders of a group of over 20 pastors in Southern Nigeria who meet together monthly to pray for their ministries and their communities.


But these pastors understand that they all work for the King and for the advancement of ONE Kingdom. As they meet together by WhatsApp, they pray for each other, and for the needs they see in their community. One of the needs they had begun to see was that people with disabilities are not represented or welcomed into their churches. While most of the people with disabilities in their communities are hidden, they do occasionally see someone begging or in need. And this began to bother these pastors.

Pastors Emmanuel and Udeme went looking for help. Emmanuel had been on the mailing list of Accessible Hope International (AHI) for a while, and reached out to see about the possibility of some disability training for these pastors. Though the pandemic has altered the way this could be done, AHI arranged for a 3-hour online introductory workshop called “Made in God’s Image.” The pastors live in 2 different states, so each of them gathered the pastors from their area in one location, and made sure they had access to one internet-connected device. Trainers from Sierra Leone met with them online, and facilitated the workshop for 20 pastors in two locations. Despite a few internet glitches, the workshop sparked a new passion in these 20 pastors. They wanted more.

They are now waiting for the completion of the full Theology of Disability workshop to be made available in virtual format, and continue to meet with these pastors from 12 different denominations to pray for people with disabilities and think of creative inclusion strategies. The full workshop should be available by Easter, and they are eager to participate – ensuring that their various churches begin to see people with disabilities through a new lens and reach out with love and acceptance to welcome them in.

Please continue to pray for these pastors in southern Nigeria, and for the people with disabilities in their communities – that EVERYONE would have access to the Gospel and to loving community – growing and serving Jesus together.


Kim Kargbo is the Founder and President of Accessible Hope International.  Kim is compelled in ministry by the Voice behind her and the faces before her, who need to hear the Gospel in a way that is meaningful to them.