Collaboration in Korea

Recently, Hal and Lana Jones were joined with top leaders from Asia and Korea for a historic conference.  The background of this conference reveals the amazing way the Lord blesses when His children work together!

Hal Jones explains, “One of our partners in disaster relief is the Binchae NGO of India and Korea.  Over time, a relationship was developed with the leadership, and they learned of Community Health Evangelism.  The leadership witnessed, firsthand, the tremendous faith of champions in rural Muslim areas in Chad. The leaders of this NGO caught the vision of the Million Village Challenge, using CHE for launching catalytic movements of transformation.”

“The Binchae NGO then hosted a conference in South Korea and the leadership spoke about the village in Chad which they were adopting to reach the Million Village Challenge! The leaders then encouraged all the Korean brothers and sisters planning to bring hope to North Korea~when the doors to North Korea open, employ the vision of CHE and Million Village Challenge!”

Hal Jones signs a working agreement with South Korean church leaders

“At the end of the day, the conference included in its statement of commitment the importance of cooperation in implementing CHE as a major strategy in poverty alleviation when the doors open up.”

Praise the Lord!



New Roads of Outreach to Those in Need


CHE Trainers Work Side by Side with the Community to Improve Roads

Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.”  There are many means of sharing the Good News of Jesus to others.  The Community Health Evangelists working in community Rosario Perico found a unique way to work with leaders of and families of that region…through the repair of roads.

According to Juan Ramon Sandoval Turcios, CHE coordinator for El Salvador,  everyone in the community is involved~from leaders to families~ in a road improvement project in Rosario Perico.  The current roadway was high risk and needed attention.  The project is ongoing and completion estimated by May of 2020.  Pray for the completion of this roadway and for the national CHE team as they continue to work with the community, sharing the good new of Jesus.

Praising God for “new roads” of outreach to those in need!

Children’s CHE Leads to Life Transformation!

In 2012, Jo Kijabe did children’s CHE among the Maasai Community. Some of the main challenges the community was facing were early marriages, female genital mutilation, and high rate of girls dropping out of high school due to early pregnancies.

Some of the participants, after CHE training, started to reach out to the community, educating the people through what is known as a seed project. A seed project is a short project, done in a day which brings a community around a problem. This leads to collaboration and potential long term planning.  In fact, this is now a program up to today!

Jo continues, “I praise God that a lot of transformation has taken place. I was there yesterday doing follow ups and strengthening the team.

We had 360 girls and every challenge had been reduced at a higher percentage. Praise the Lord!! In 2016 we had 16 girls dropping out school because of early pregnancies but this year they had only one case.  The number of girls in school rose from 66 in 2012 to 380 students at the moment, 88 of them sitting for their national exams.

Many have given their lives to Christ and they were leading devotions and prayers during our meeting. It was awesome.  The mothers and the daughters also had some time to connect and to share their hearts together.

God is good that we are beginning to see fruit of our labor and how the Holy Spirit is ministering and transforming lives. Let’s keep praying for this school even as we plan to begin the program in the next school.”

Let us count our blessings as we see the work which God is doing through Jo in lives of Maasai girls!