Grateful hearts and open doors

Last month I was reminded of God’s faithfulness as we received word that Risen Lord Christian Fellowship, a church we planted in the Philippines, celebrated its 27th anniversary in November. One of the elders of the church, Attorney Pablo Roces Nava III (shown with his family below), is now a congressman in the Philippines as well as a leader in the church. He and the APPEND party he heads have championed micro-finance for the poor throughout the country, empowering tens of thousands of families to work their way out of chronic poverty, transforming their lives, their children’s futures, and their communities. Attorney Nava and his wife, Gilda, are dear friends and co-workers who brought us great encouragement as we served together in the city of Iloilo.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of speaking at “boot camp” to 350 students from Grand Canyon University that are preparing to go on mission trips during spring break or summer vacation. It was encouraging to be in the presence of so many young people who love the Lord and want to serve. Pray with me that God will use them to bring salvation and blessing to people around the world, and shape them personally in the process for His glory.

Open doors

On February 21, I leave for four weeks in West Africa to train in a CHE internship in Ghana, and then help facilitate mobilization conferences for the Million Village Challenge in Burkina Faso and Nigeria. Our goal for this journey is to mobilize 100 organizations to take up the Million Village Challenge, adopting unreached villages in North Africa and committing to reach them with the Good News of the Gospel.

Pray with us!

  • Pray for courage and safety for Terry and those he travels with in creative access areas.
  • Pray that 50 organizations will gather in Northern Nigeria, and 50 more in Burkina Faso.
  • Pray that each organization will take up the Million Village Challenge and mobilize for ministry to unreached villages in North Africa.
  • Pray for champions among the three unreached and unengaged people groups being targeted.
  • Pray that the Gospel will go forth in power, that people will come to faith in Christ, and communities will be transformed.
  • Pray for the interns from all over Africa who will finish out their internship with Terry and then return to their home countries to train and equip others for CHE work.
  • Pray that God will supply the needed funds to complete the work he has called us to do.

Praise with us!

  • Praise God for Risen Lord Christian Fellowship, and 27 years of faithful ministry in the city of Iloilo.
  • Praise God for open doors to mobilize for the Kingdom among unreached peoples.
  • Praise God for new partners who have pledged to our support in the last month.
  • Take a look at our heat map and see what God is doing globally by a short visit to our website.
  • Get day to day reports about work around the world by following the Global CHE Network on Facebook.
  • Follow us personally be friending Terry on Facebook.

February 2016 Prayer Letter