Forty Roma Gypsies come to Christ in Hungary

Thank you for praying as CHE trainers did evangelistic campaigns in three Gypsy villages in Hungary. Forty Hungarian Roma made public commitments of faith in Jesus. Pray now as CHE workers in these villages follow up these individuals, baptizing and teaching them to obey everything the Lord has commanded, and helping them to serve as ambassadors for Christ and agents of transformation in their families and communities.

CHE work expanding in Central Europe and the Balkans. Representatives from 28 countries attend consultation.

Leaders from the CHE Network in Central Europe and the Balkans met in consultation in Hungary, September 21-24. Leaders of CHE teams from Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary as well as participants from 28 countries (80% of them Roma) committed themselves to greater unity and collaboration to reach and disciple this poor and marginalized people group. Please pray for multitudes of Roma to be connected to Christ through this movement.

Terry headed to Thailand for a Million Village Challenge consultation with Christian leaders from around the world.

The Million Village Challenge Secretariat reports that village ministries have been initiated in half of the targeted countries inside the 10/40 Window. Pray as leaders gather in Thailand for open doors in the other 35. Pray that Terry will be able to present the principles of village transformation in a compelling way to the Christian leaders that gather, and that strategic new initiatives will emerge from the dialogue.