Prayer Letter, September 2021

On the Road Again!

As I write, Terry and I, along with colleagues Dr. Jody Collinge and Miche’ Darnell, have joined together to facilitate a CHE training.   This is the first time, in a very long time that we have been able to travel.

Our dear friend, Lana Jones, asked our team to come and serve at the training center which her late husband, Hal, had envisioned.  It was his desire that many be trained here for work around the world.  The center is located in Volcano, Hawaii.  It has been cold and rainy, but we are surrounded by a lush rain forest!


Here are some ways you can pray for the Global CHE Network:

  • Pray for the training we are facilitating these next two weeks, specifically for those who participate that they would catch the vision of reaching communities for Christ in word and deed.
  • Pray for Lana Jones who is hosting this training.  You may remember her name—her husband, Hal, passed away suddenly last October. This will be Lana’s first CHE training she has hosted since Hal met Jesus face to face.  Pray God’s blessings on Lana as she continues to serve and use the training center that Hal had envisioned for the training of missionaries in Community Health Evangelism
  • Pray for our teams around the world who are facing various types of resistance at this time
  • Pray for Nigeria--our dear friend and brother, Dayo Obaweya, recently reported the persecution of Christians has intensified in Nigeria.  A CHE trainer was kidnapped by Boko Haram yet escaped. Dayo said that when he leaves his house, he knows he may not come home again.  Dayo is a target as he is a chief and a CHE coordinator.  Pray that the love of Christ would conquer the hearts of Boko Haram.  Pray for God’s great hand of protection to be upon these believers.
  • Pray for Haiti—as I hear the stories of the recent devastating earthquake, I am amazed that it is difficult to bring aid due to gangs who are terrorizing the area.  It should not be surprising as the president was assassinated in July. This was barely mentioned in the news.  Prior to that, Terry and I were made aware of a heartbreaking story involving one of our members. He and his wife were delivering prosthetics to the disabled in a rural community. As they were driving down the road, they were held up at gunpoint by men on motorcycles. The missionary tried to speed away but was shot and paralyzed, his wife having to take over the steering wheel as they fled.  Pray for this couple as they have now returned to the States and are looking at a major life change.  Pray for the people of Haiti who not only live in the devastation of the earthquake, but in this type of lawlessness.
  • Pray for Afghanistan-– I am sure you already are.  The most vulnerable groups in the country are women and Christians.  A while back, I wrote to you about a young girl who walked hours to go to school and then hurried back home to help her grandparents with their cows.  That picture of those school girls haunts my mind and calls me to prayer.  Pray for their protection.

Prayer Letter July 2022


As of May 1, we were able to move into our new Global CHE Network office and training center!  We are grateful for the many hours in which volunteers came and transformed these storage rooms into a beautiful place to serve!








New Grads…

June 26-30, we were able to host our first TOT (Training of Trainers) at the CHE Training Center! There were 12 graduates ages 20 to 85!

Five students attended the training–praise God as we see these young people seek God’s direction and involvement in missions!
Three are already committed to internships in Guatemala and Ghana.


Mission leaders from Frontiers and Kingdom Workers also were a part of this training.  We are grateful for their partnership in the network!

Dr. Jason Paltzer, at the right of the photo, assisted Terry in the training. He is also working with the five students pictured above…he is their professor at Baylor University and serves with Kingdom Workers!

Faithful prayer partners from supporting churches were part of the training as well!  They expressed how much more they will be able to connect with GCN and pray! Connie Gill, pictured at right, is a retired missionary.  She plans to take what she learned to the poor who live on islands off the coast of Brazil!  She still has a deep love for the people she served for forty-three years!

Not pictured is a very special pastor from a restricted access nation.  Pray that he might find a way to get back home to serve his people through Community Health Evangelism.


New Opportunities…

You are never too young or too old to serve the Lord. At right is Elise, age 20, currently serving in the internship in Guatemala. Standing beside her is Terry’s mom, Anita, who will be 86 years old on Sunday.  Mom was hesitant to join this training thinking she would not be able to keep up.  She ended up being an inspiration to all AND quite a hit in the role plays, especially the one in which she declared, “I think my son has worms!”


And here are a few opportunities for you to consider...
  • Join us for the next CHE training in Payson, Arizona.
  • Be ready to learn of the Million Village Challenge–developed to engage churches, missions committees and individuals to take the pledge to pray and support the goal of reaching a million villages by 2033.  More information to come!
  • Join the Global CHE Network Prayer Team where you will receive weekly prayer requests. Just email me at [email protected].

Finally, we are blessed to work with a small group of people, the “Service Team”, which serve the Global CHE Network behind the scenes in a supportive role. Jenna Schmid came on the team in February and has been actively communicating with members around the world. (By the way, both she and her husband, Guido, were part of the graduating class in June!) Just today, Jenna and I were discussing the increased activity among the membership, asking for connections and materials in various languages…the two of us are having a hard time keeping up–praise God! Terry is currently at a conference where a woman from India came up to him and told him of 800 communities which are being served through CHE.  This was unknown to us and a great surprise!  So again, I close as I opened…YOUR role in prayer support for our Service Team and for ministry worldwide is so important.