Prayer Letter, November 2021

A Letter of Joy & Gratitude
from Terry and Jeannie Dalrymple

I can’t believe a month has passed and what special memories still linger…

It started in July, when my daughter, Karen, called and asked what we were going to do for our wedding anniversary.  After all, it was our fortieth anniversary coming up on July 11th. After joking over the number “40” and all it represents in the Bible, I told Karen that we were going to take a break and enjoy a couple days in the White Mountains of Arizona.

A few days later, she called back and said,  “Mom, I talked to Tim and Michelle and we want to do something special for you and dad for your Anniversary.  We have rented a cabin and want to gather together to celebrate with you in October. Would this be OK?”

Would it be OK?  It was the best gift ever!

Each family member made sacrifices to be there–traveling long distances and many hours, planning and preparing meals, kids choosing to smile–even with upset tummies…we feel so blessed and honored.  So grateful.

Here are a few updates on the families…





How happy we were to have Cody and Michelle come from San Diego.  The cabin we stayed at was not far from our home, so we got to show them the “sights of Payson”!  Cody was a “super Uncle”–went canoeing, played baseball and had nerf gun wars with the kids!  He also stayed up until 1 am making Cinnamon Rolls for the family…the best I have ever had! Actually, Michelle and Cody should start a bakery as Michelle’s cupcakes were outstanding!  Michelle and I challenged her grandma in board games and we both think her grandma wears long sleeves for other reasons than being cold!!!






Karen and Joe live in Phoenix with their 3 year old son Ian. Karen is able to stay at home with Ian and Joe puts in many hours at his home office. Ian was so excited to get to see his cousins–I love to see them smile!  I am very thankful for all of the time Karen put into organizing our family reunion and making it a special time for everyone!










Tim and Vanessa came from Chicago with their children, Jack, Finn and Esther.  Seeing their amazing spirits with the long day of travel  made me think of deputation days with Tim, Karen and Michelle in tow! Esther was feeling a bit sick from the travels, but still melted her Grandpa’s heart.  Jack and Finn were ready to try and play anything!  Legos, canoeing, beating their Grams and Grandpa in a game, roasting marshmallows, hiking…they were ready for fun, and fun we had!





Some exciting news from Tim and Vanessa–they have been serving as worship leaders at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago  for the past year.  Tim has also continued to work on his Master’s in Divinity from Western Seminary and will complete it, Lord willing, this spring.  Tim told us recently that he has been asked to be the Worship Pastor, coordinating worship teams for all six Harvest Bible Chapel campuses as well as overseeing the Vertical Worship Band.  I praise God for placing these responsibilities in Tim’s hands.  May God use him greatly for His Kingdom.

Vanessa, too, is very active in ministry.  She is homeschooling Jack and Finn as well as serving  with the Vertical Worship Band and writing very meaningful worship songs.