A Story of Finishing the Task

I was going through drawers, cleaning after New Year and found my first two needle work projects I completed when I was 14!  (The pattern was designed in 1973!)  I had saved them, moved them to the Philippines and back, carrying them throughout my life, complete, yet not framed, but stuffed away in a drawer.  When Terry saw my hidden work, he declared they must be framed!  So to Hobby Lobby we went.

We arrived at the framing department and met a man named Jantzen who had helped me with a project last September for Terry’s birthday.  Amazingly, he recognized us and was happy to help.  He takes great pride in his work and through our interactions with him, we have become friends.  He even shared that I must try garlic as a remedy for asthma! (You may be glad I write this story rather than tell it in person!)

I look at these pictures and learn a few things from them:

  1. I think they are now pretty special as it took me 43 years and an insistent husband to get them up on the wall.
  2. Maybe, God was waiting for the right time to get them framed so I could meet Jantzen and be an encouragement to him in his life.
  3. I find happiness in looking at them–and I had stuffed them away in a drawer.

What might you have stuffed away which is waiting to be completed? Maybe it is a project, or perhaps a gift or talent waiting to be shared–even a garlic remedy for asthma?!?  Take inventory.  You may be surprised with what God has waiting for you!