Mission accomplished. Thank you for praying

I had a sore throat and stomach issues. I didn’t understand the culture, and had no idea what questions were going to be asked in the upcoming media interview. I didn’t even know if it would be radio or television or both. As we left the hotel for the studio, I asked Pastor Lovemore to pray that God would give me strength for one more hour. I made this flight  to Zambia to commend the work of Lovemore and his team, but at this moment I seriously doubted that a live national broadcast was the way to achieve it. As we approached the entrance to the media headquarters, Pastor Obrian, the man who would interview us, said to me: “This is the largest media outlet in the country. When you speak here, you speak to millions of Zambians.” I think he thought that was supposed to encourage me! I requested that Lovemore be the primary spokesperson, and that I just be supporting cast. The interview lasted for an hour. Pastor Obrian went back and forth between Pastor Lovemore and me on a whole range of topics: CHE, our vision, mission and strategy, the role of the church in civil society, gender based violence, marriage and family. When it was all over, Pastor Obrian said the interview was fantastic, and that I answered all the questions thrown at me with excellence. Pastor Lovemore said: “You have accomplished the work for which you came. You have advanced the ministry of CHEEP.” Praise God! Mission Accomplished. I am ready now to go HOME to Jeannie and enjoy Christmas with family. By the way, my sore throat vanished and my stomach settled down on the way to the studio. God did give me the strength for one more hour. Thank you again for praying.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  Official launch of the Community Health Evangelism and Education Program (CHEEP) in Zambia, attended by the Minister of Health, Honorable Chitalu Chilufya (far right) and Pastor Lovemore Zulu, Founder and Director of CHEEP (far left).

-Terry & Jeannie Dalrymple