Tens of thousands coming to Christ

Tens of thousands are coming to Christ, new churches are being planted, and communities are being lifted out of cycles of poverty and disease. CHE network members are at work in 127 countries and 3,057 communities. Globally, 3,037 trainers and 17,680 community evangelists and leaders are working  directly with 108,497 households. For more information, go here.

A million village challenge

CHE Network members are working together on eleven different initiatives. Time won’t permit me to tell you about them all, but the one I am most excited about is what we call the Million Village Challenge.

Global mission movements are converging on a single task – establishing a Gospel witness among the last of the unreached and unengaged peoples (UUPGs) on earth. (UUPGs are ethno-linguistic people groups with no believers among them and nobody reaching out to them).

There are just 1,371 UUPGs remaining. The vast majority of these peoples are in marginalized rural areas (villages) in Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

The CHE Network has accepted the challenge, in partnership with Transform World, of mobilizing and equipping national workers in these difficult and distant areas. We are working together with international partners to mobilize and equip national believers in establishing transformational Gospel movements among the village poor in these unreached areas.

We intend to reach them all. We will not stop until the last little girl in the darkest corner of the smallest hut has opportunity is reached with the truth and compassion of Christ. My prayer is that through our Million Village Challenge initiative, the church globally will be mobilized to establish transformational Gospel movements among the last of the unengaged peoples.

For more information, go here.

Join us at IWMC 2017

I want to invite you personally to join us at our network conference at Grand Canyon University, May 3-5, 2017. This is a tremendous venue to explore opportunities for sharing the Gospel in the context of love and good works, bringing people to faith in Christ and reflecting the values of the Kingdom in the communities we serve. Click here for more information about IWMC.

CHE workers and network representatives from all over the world will join us, so it would be a great opportunity for you to meet partners you support by your contributions to our ministry.

This year we feature more than 100 workshops in 20 tracks and seven keynote speakers. Check out the menu of workshops and pick the ones you want to attend.

We thank God for you!

Without you, none of this would be possible. Your giving and prayer are the fuel of our ministry. Your friendship and partnership provide the encouragement and strength we need to persevere. Thank you for standing with us in this global effort to bring Christ’s love and salvation to the least and the lost.

April 2017 Prayer Letter