All I want for Christmas…

May the light of the Gospel shine on that little girl in the smallest hut, in the poorest village, in the remotest place on earth.

340 villages adopted in Egypt

I just returned from Egypt where Christian leaders gathered from around the country at a Million Village Challenge consultation to strategize for ministry in Egyptian villages all up and down the Nile. On the third day of the conference, the group divided into regions and identified target areas. Altogether they adopted 34 Village Clusters or 340 villages. The conference hosts formed a national servant team to follow up and facilitate the movement. After the conference, I partnered with an experienced national to provide three days of initial training for those who made commitments. Pray now as the work begins in remote places in Egypt.

Will it work here?

In my last letter, I asked you to pray as I sought to mobilize for the Million Village Challenge at the Transform World Global Leadership in Thailand. At the end of a day of vision casting, I was asked to be part of a panel for question and answer. The first inquiry came from the moderator:

Here is the question on everybody’s mind: Will it work here in Southeast Asia?

I started to answer, but was interrupted. A man stood up in the audience, waved his hand and said in broken English:

I am from Vietnam. I took training 20 years ago, and we have ministry in 67 villages.

He sat down and I didn’t have to say any more. Later that evening the man texted me:

Hello my Teacher
You are my teacher around 20 years ago.

We are preparing now to begin Million Village Challenge consultations in Southeast Asia in 2017 – a part of the world where I initiated work 20 years ago. Pray with us that God will open new opportunities in every country of the region and that the yet unreached and unengaged will see the light of Christ.

Join the movement

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December 2016 Prayer Letter