An exciting milestone in CHE

We have reached an exciting milestone in our work of mobilizing and equipping workers to bring good news to the poor. I was commissioned by Medical Ambassadors/ LifeWind (MAI/LW) three years ago to start a member association that existed solely for the benefit of its members.

The mission of the association is the strengthening of each ministry, and the expansion of the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) movement. We believed this structure would allow a deeper collaboration between organizations, release new resources for the work, and empower the growing movement for broader impact. This proved to be true. Today, members of the Global CHE Network represent more than 450 organizations in 105 countries.

We deliberately housed this association under a new 501c3 which I helped found called the Alliance for Transformational Ministry (ATM). At the same time, my colleague Stan Rowland, was retrofitting the CHE strategy for ministry to the urban poor in North America. He called his new ministry Neighborhood Transformation (NT), and we housed his network under the same ATM umbrella.

The work of ATM, the Global CHE Network, and the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation is large enough now that it requires more than full time attention. For that reason, MAI/LW is sending me out along with two of my colleagues, Stan Rowland and Dr. Jody Collinge, and transferring our employment to ATM.

Nothing about my work will change. I will go on doing exactly what I have been doing as the founder/coordinator of the Global CHE Network. I will continue to work together with MAI/LW for the achievement of our corporate vision.
My organization and how I receive support, however, will change. I will be accountable directly to a single ATM board, and Dr. John Payne (CEO of MAI/LW) will sit on that board. Support for our ministry will need to be sent to ATM instead of MAI/LW.

After January 1, support for Terry and Jeannie Dalrymple needs to be sent to:

727 E. Bethany Home Rd., Suite D – 122
Phoenix, AZ 85014

MAI/LW will continue to provide receipts for any contributions to my work through March 31, 2012. MAI/LW will forward these funds to ATM with no deductions. However, any contributions received after March 31, 2012,
will be returned to the sender with the instructions above. MAI/LW will be sending you a letter soon restating what I have told you in this letter.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your prayer and financial support and to share with you some of what God is doing as a result of our partnership. I am currently working on 12 major initiatives with the Global CHE Network.

  1. Partnering with Healthcare Christian Fellowship International to mobilize 100,000 churches and 1,000,000 witnesses for Christ by 2020.
  2. Providing tools for Short Term Mission leaders across the country who are seeking to do their work in a more integrated and developmental way. Helping short term teams to contribute long term solutions that bring people to faith in Christ while lifting communities out of cycles of poverty and disease.
  3. Writing a book aimed at mobilizing for ministries that reach the lost, strengthen the church, and lift communities out of poverty.
  4. Making CHE part of the curriculum and training for missionaries in Christian colleges and universities worldwide.
  5. Networking with other global networks to strengthen existing CHE work and expand the CHE movement beyond the current 105 countries.
  6. Establishing an intern program in collaboration with several Christian universities and connecting interns with CHE programs for research and promotion of the work.
  7. Maintaining and developing the best curriculum available for integrated community based transformational ministry that brings evangelism and compassion together.
  8. Facilitating communications and building relationships between more than 1,500 network members.
  9. Training and mobilizing for a CHE surge in Europe, including the establishment of a CHE center there.
  10. A malaria project aimed at mobilizing churches for integrated ministry and reducing deaths due to malaria in Togo and Nigeria.
  11. Partnering with the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) and HCFI to establish a global Health Care Sunday with websites in 9 languages aimed at
    mobilizing churches for outreach to their community through church health ministries.
  12. Creating a worldwide integrated outreach to children.

The best years are still ahead. We will continue to walk through the doors God opens, and seek to be faithful to his call and direction for our ministry. Thank you for walking with us.

November 2011 Prayer Letter